With dry conditions and below-average rainfall over the last few years, wildfire season is now a year-round phenomenon in Ventura County and throughout California. Ventura County’s vast open space areas are abundant with fuels that allow wildfires to spread easily, creating hazards where the hills interface with neighborhoods and homes. Here’s how you can be prepared.


Five Ways to


  • 1 Register for VC Alert. Local authorities use this emergency notification system to issue evacuation warnings and orders.
  • 2 Have a Family Emergency Plan, including communication and evacuations. Include friends and neighbors who might need assistance.
  • 3 Pack a go-bag for each family member. Click here for a list of recommended items.
  • 4 Follow local guidelines to fireproof your surroundings. Click here for fire prevention tips.
  • 5 Help us help you. Know the difference between Evacuation Warnings and Evacuation Orders and take appropriate action when called upon.

Four Ways to

Save the Day

  • 1 Report a wildfire – call 911. Your report might be the first. Multiple reports are better than none!
  • 2 Size up the situation. Don’t wait for alerts from public safety. If it looks and feels dangerous, leave.
  • 3 Know where to turn. Visit www.vcemergency.com for trusted and timely disaster information.
  • 4 Make an assist – Don’t forget anyone in your plan.

Three Things to


  • 1 Where’s my TEP? During an evacuation you may be directed to a Temporary Evacuation Point, to receive comfort items and register for shelter accommodations. Find the one near you.
  • 2 “Fire Weather” is present when weather and low fuel moisture conditions combine to create wildfire occurrences.
  • 3 Click here to access your Wildfire Action Plan!

Two Things to

Ease Your Mind

  • 1 Firefighting just keeps getting better. Ventura County just increased its helicopter fleet to six with two recently acquired Firehawk helicopters, capable of traveling nearly 185 mph and dropping up to 1,000 gallons of water!
  • 2 The Sheriff’s Office is going high tech to streamline evacuations. Here’s a look at how it works:



One Question to Ask Yourself

Right Now

  • 1 Am I in a fire-prone zone? If your home borders a natural area, what firefighters call the Wildland Urban Interface, you are at risk from a wildfire. You may live in an Ember Zone, where homes are at risk from wind-driven embers. Find out here.

Did you know?

Disaster recovery efforts begin almost as soon as the disaster.

During the Thomas and Hill/Woolsey Fires, recovery efforts were already underway within hours. Swift and well-planned damage assessment efforts ensured public assistance was available for local recovery efforts. Ventura County is committed to supporting city and unincorporated areas in the recovery process. Please visit Ventura County Recovers for information on recovery efforts and assistance available for fires impacting Ventura County residents.


Get Started on Your Emergency Kit

Don't wait until an emergency happens, when it's too late! Ready Ventura County makes it easy for you to create a kit that's just right for your household. Use our plan builder to get started today.