Red Flag Warnings

red flag

What is a Red Flag Warning?

A Red Flag Warning is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) when humidity is very low, temperatures elevated, and strong winds are present. This warning is intended to heighten public awareness about elevated conditions that may ignite a fire.

What happens when a Red Flag Warning is issued?

  • The NWS advises public safety officials, public agencies, utilities and the local media that a Red Flag Warning has been issued.
  • Burn permits are cancelled, and all burning is banned countywide.
  • The Ventura County Fire Department increases patrols and personnel in high fire hazard areas throughout the County.
  • The Public Works Department, Park District, School District and Law Enforcement are notified who may initiate additional protection measures.
  • Southern California Edison (SCE) reviews local conditions and the potential fire threat ahead of issuing an alert for an SCE Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS) event. To learn more, visit PSPS Events.
  • Under extreme heat and/or wind conditions public events may be closed and fire closures issued on public property.

What should I do if a Red Flag Warning is issued?

  • Review your Family Emergency Response Plan with your household. Refer to the Ready, Set, Go website for details and review contingency plans for power outages at your home or work as a result of a PSPS event.
  • Identify two evacuation routes in your neighborhood and make sure all family members are aware of them.
  • Confirm you have an out of state emergency contact in case local phone service is interrupte
  • Make sure your Family Emergency Go Bag is up to date and ready in case you need to evacuate. Be prepared for a power outage. To learn more, please visit Family Emergency Tips.
  • Register yourself and family on VC Alert, so that you are notified of a local emergency. Stay informed through local media outlets, social media and Please do not call 911.
  • If you have an automatic garage door, consider parking your vehicles on the driveway.
  • Be sure to have at least ½ a tank of fuel in your vehicles as gas stations may be closed since most do not have back-up generators.
  • Have cash in hand and be sure to purchase essential items in advance of a scheduled PSPS event. Confirm you have a battery-powered radio.
  • Residents reliant on Oxygen should make sure they have a back-up cylinder
  • Stop any activities that have the potential to start a fire (camp fires, mowing, chain-sawing).
  • Comfort pets and their supplies so that you can quickly load them into your vehicle in if you need to evacuate.
  • Make sure your vehicle is fueled and have your driver’s license for proof of residence available for possible road closures
  • Move vehicles parked on narrow roads off the street to improve access and use of public safety vehicles and to facilitate a possible evacuation.
  • Park in your driveway facing out to keep roads accessible to emergency equipment.
  • Communicate with your neighbors to make sure they are aware of the Red Flag Alert Warning and the increased fire threat.
  • Be aware of suspicious vehicles or people. Write down information, but please do not call 911.

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