After preparing yourself and your family for possible emergencies, take the next step and get involved in preparing your community.


Opportunities to get involved:


American Red Cross
As the world’s leading humanitarian organization, their network of volunteers have responded to disasters, provided lifesaving education, helped families to prepare for emergencies before they occur, and kept members of our Armed Forces connected with their loved ones during times of tragedy and joy.


Auxiliary Communication Services (ACS)
Licensed Radio Amateurs use a wide range of radio bands, each one with its particular strength in overcoming the barriers to radio communications.  Amateur Radio operators can also use a wide range of communication modes, whether TV, data, voice, or Morse code to exchange messages.


Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
CERT groups within each community are to be prepared, self-activated, independently organized, and neighborhood oriented with support from cities and public safety agencies.


Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) – Camarillo

Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) – Thousand Oaks
DART members are trained in: Basic Life Support, First Aid, and CPR ; Urban Search and Rescue; Incident Command System (ICS); Media Relations at the Incident; Traffic and Crowd Control; Fire Suppression; Scene Survey and Damage Assessment; and Mass Casualty Management and Triage.


Disaster Service Worker (DSW)
Registered Disaster Service Worker volunteers are persons who have chosen to volunteer their time to assist a disaster or emergency services agency in carrying out the responsibilities of that agency.  The person must be officially registered with the accredited Disaster Council, and not receive any pay, monetary or otherwise, for the service being provided.  “Disaster Service Worker” includes public employees performing disaster work that is outside the course and scope of their regular employment without pay…” (Labor Code, 3211.92(b).

Simi Valley Disaster Service Worker Team 
The Simi Valley Disaster Service Work Team's mission is to minimize the loss of life, suffering, and damage to property following disasters by training and utilizing highly motivated community members in preparedness, response, and recovery activities. 


Emergency Volunteer Rescue Team (EVRT)
Emergency Volunteer Rescue Team (EVRT) members assist Ventura County Department of Animal Services during times of disasters such as wildland fires, flooding, earthquakes, or any emergency incident requiring the evacuation of livestock.


Medical Reserve Corps
Develop partnerships to educate, train and deploy citizen volunteers, including health care professionals (active and retired), in case of a large-scale local emergency.


National Weather Service
Anyone can become a Weather Spotter for the National Weather Service.  All it takes is an hour or two of training.  Our local spotter program leader conducts training sessions often throughout the area.  You also now have the option of becoming certified through an online course.


United Way / Volunteer Ventura County
Today's United Way focuses on addressing the underlying causes of community issues'why problems exist. United Way supports programs that are not just 'stop gap' measures, but ultimately preventative ones that create real and lasting change by improving peoples' lives. Social issues are not limited to any one particular city or to one kind of family'they are everywhere. That's why United Way works throughout Ventura County to help build stronger communities.

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Special Needs

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Pet Owners

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Military Families

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