Each year, more than 4,000 Americans die and more than 25,000 are injured in fires, many of which could be prevented. Direct property loss due to fires is estimated at $8.6 billion annually. The best thing you can do to protect your family is install and properly maintain smoke alarms in your home.


To protect yourself, it is important to understand the basic characteristics of fire. A fire can spread quickly, and there may be no time to gather valuables or make a phone call. In just two minutes, a fire can become life threatening. In five minutes, a residence can be engulfed in flames.


Heat and smoke from fire can be more dangerous than the flames. Inhaling the super-hot air can sear your lungs. Fire produces poisonous gases that make you disoriented and drowsy. Instead of being awakened by a fire, you may fall into a deeper sleep. Asphyxiation is the leading cause of fire deaths, exceeding burns by a three-to-one ratio.



How can I protect myself?

What to do before a fire

What to do during a fire

What to do after a fire




Wildfire Action Plan

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go! for Trail Users

Ready, Set, Go! for Farmers, Ranchers and Growers

Residential Safety Checklist

Equipment Use Safety

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